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NextGenLPM is a boutique coaching and consulting company that helps organizations accelerate the implementation of legal project management to increase firm profitability and efficiency.

NextGenLPM licenses the use of its one-of-a kind Online LPM Library, which currently includes over 180 tools, templates, and best practices co-authored by more than three dozen experts from legal organizations around the world. We believe this is the single most valuable resource now available for organizations that are truly serious about implementing LPM.

NextGenLPM also trains LPM staff to deliver our proprietary LPM coaching process that has been developed over thousands of hours, with dozens of organizations, over the past ten years. To learn more, visit our products and services page or contact us to discuss the best way to customize an LPM program to meet the unique needs of your organization.

NextGenLPM was founded by Tim Batdorf, who was previously the CEO of LegalBizDev, which literally wrote the book that helped launch the LPM movement. In August 2020, NextGenLPM acquired the rights to LegalBizDev’s products, services, and intellectual property.

NextGenLPM is uniquely positioned to build on this foundation and develop new tools and approaches for the “next generation” of LPM.