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Assign tasks and manage the team

To maximize efficiency, the right people must be assigned to the right tasks, team members must understand the project’s scope and their responsibilities, and performance must be monitored. The following list includes all currently available LPM tools and templates that address this key issue:
  • Checklist: Managing the team
  • How to improve the management of legal teams
  • 16 ways to improve team performance
  • How to improve legal team meetings
  • Six Steps to effective LPM brainstorming
  • Litigation example: Early case assessment
  • Transactional example: IPO of a Subchapter S corporation
  • Task status review meeting
  • Communicating the project timeline and budget
  • The benefits of delegation
  • Four steps to improved delegation
  • Delegation tips from a managing partner
  • Delegation checklist
  • How to solve delegation problems
  • What lawyers should not delegate
  • How to effectively resolve priority conflicts
  • How to improve feedback to team members
  • Personal time management
  • One managing partner’s time management plan
  • Six ways to save time managing your email
  • How to manage interruptions
  • 24 Outlook features that can be used in LPM
  • Using OneNote in knowledge management and LPM
  • Tracking progress with Agile (Kanban)
  • Accelerating progress with Agile (Scrum)
  • Case study: Applying Agile to LPM
  • Using outsourcing to reduce legal costs

Sample LPM tool for managing the team