Products and Services

The LPM Champion™ program is open to anyone interested in actively advocating for LPM within their organization. It provides a strong knowledge base and customized, expert coaching to help further organizational adoption of LPM.

Our Master Certified LPM Coach program certifies LPM staff in how to use our proprietary LPM coaching process so they can effectively enhance lawyer behavior and implement proven LPM strategies.

NextGenLPM provides one-to-one LPM Coaching which helps lawyers identify the action items that are most likely to produce immediate and practical results for their practice, their personality, and their schedule. Our proven approach helps lawyers make the best use of their limited time.

NextGenLPM’s one-of-a-kind Online LPM Library is an essential resource to help maximize the speed and impact of LPM adoption.   This knowledge base contains 180+ cutting-edge LPM tools that have been proven to work.  With over three dozen contributing authors from organizations around the world, this resource is critical for any law firm or legal department that is serious about LPM.

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