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Manage client communication and expectations

Communication is extremely important to clients and is an area where many lawyers have room to improve.  The following list includes all currently available LPM tools and templates that address this key issue:
  • Checklist: Communicating
  • RACI matrix
  • Litigation example: RACI matrix for a litigation
  • Communication plan
  • Detailed communication plan
  • Transactional example: Improving communication on a small legal team
  • Transactional example: Communication plan for an IPO team
  • How clients define value
  • Use active listening to define value for your clients
  • 53 additional questions to discuss value
  • 51 practical ways for law firms to add value
  • Eight tips to write more effective emails
  • Key questions project managers should ask
  • One-page monthly reports
  • Lessons learned reviews
  • Lessons learned review with internal team
  • How to deal with difficult clients and situations
  • Summary: The art of client communication

Sample LPM tool for managing communication