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Identify and schedule activities

Break down the matter into smaller tasks and schedule them. The following list includes all currently available LPM tools and templates that address this key issue:
  • Checklist: Scheduling activities
  • 24 benefits of matter planning
  • Matter planning templates
  • Litigation example: Matter planning template for early case assessment
  • Transactional example: IPO of a Subchapter S corporation
  • Work breakdown structures
  • Transactional example: Employment law task list for a pre-complaint demand
  • Transactional example: Work breakdown structure for a simple corporate purchase
  • Transactional example: Work breakdown structure for tracking a multi-state document review
  • About Gantt charts
  • The power of checklists
  • Three steps to building and using an effective checklist
  • Four types of checklists for lawyers and legal staff
  • Litigation example: Mass tort litigation checklist
  • Transactional example: Asset acquisition task checklist
  • Example:  Step-by-step task checklist (estate administration)
  • Transactional example:  Process checklist for an estate planning signing meeting
  • Example:  Information gathering checklist (estate administration)
  • Example:  Issue spotting checklist (estate planning)
  • Business process improvement
  • Three tools for a firm-wide process improvement program
  • Litigation example: Process improvement in a mass tort practice
  • Litigation example: Commercial litigation process map
  • Transactional example: Process improvement to improve associate and paralegal time entries
  • LPM software

Sample LPM tool for scheduling activities