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Plan and manage the budget

Estimating and controlling costs are a challenge in every profession, and this is also true for many lawyers.  The following list includes all currently available LPM tools and templates that address this key issue:
  • Checklist: Budgeting
  • Six steps to better budgets
  • Litigation example: Budget template
  • Litigation example: Early case assessment
  • Litigation example: Detailed breakdown of IP litigation (District Court)
  • Transactional example: IPO of a Subchapter S corporation
  • Task code overview
  • Task code research: What works and what doesn’t
  • Standard (UTBMS) task codes
  • Customized task codes
  • LMSS: A new approach to task codes and more
  • Example:  How clients are using task codes
  • Pricing
  • Value pricing:  What do clients want?
  • Tracking and controlling costs
  • Be cautious about sharing budgets
  • How pricing can affect legal practice

Sample from LPM tool for managing the budget