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Master Certified LPM Coach™ Program

The Master Certified LPM Coach™ program is designed for organizations that want to learn our proprietary LPM coaching process to enhance lawyers’ behavior and increase profitability and efficiency.  This self-paced distance learning program requires a commitment of at least 60 hours over approximately six months.  For more details, download a description of the Master Certified LPM Coach™ Program.

Who should participate in the Master Certified LPM Coach™ Program?

This certification program has been designed for lawyers, organizational leaders, and LPM staff who want to:

  • Provide LPM coaching to lawyers and legal staff
  • Obtain credentials as a Master Certified LPM Coach™
  • Learn a process for enhancing behavior and implementing LPM best practices

This certification program is ideal for any leader or LPM staff person who wants to learn our proprietary LPM coaching process.

What are the benefits of this certification program?

Participants learn how to enhance lawyer behavior so that lawyers implement LPM best practices.  Our LPM coaching process has been proven effective since its inception in 2010.

Organizations gain an internal LPM expert who understands, and has experience using, a proven method for enhancing lawyer behavior to increase profitability and efficiency.

For more information, contact us to schedule a free 30-minute consultation to discuss the Master Certified LPM Coach™ program.