LPM Champion™ Deliverables

Deliverables for the LPM Champion™ program

The LPM Champion™ program is a six-month training program which includes the following deliverables:

  • Completion of our LPM Champion™ Program by an individual who is interested in becoming an advocate for LPM – usually a C-suite executive, lawyer, or legal project manager. Coaching of this individual includes the following:
    • One introductory video call to introduce the participant to the program and discuss goals and objectives for the program.
    • Three 45-minute video calls in Module 1 to discuss written answers to essay questions on the following subjects: (i) Eight key LPM issues, (ii) Strategies for implementing LPM, (iii) LPM training approaches, including one-to-one coaching, online LPM library, small group workshops, and facilitated panel discussions, (iv) LPM advocacy techniques, and (vi) Priority-setting among LPM best practices.
    • Four 30-minute video calls in Module 2 to provide support related to an LPM project of the participant’s choosing. Examples of potential LPM projects include:
      • Improving the results of an active client matter, or for a particular client, by focusing on one of the eight key LPM issues and identifying a best practice for implementation.
      • Furthering the adoption of an LPM training approach within the organization, whether that approach is one-to-one coaching, small group workshops, an online LPM library, facilitated panel discussions, or a hybrid approach.
      • Standardizing an LPM best practice for a legal team, a practice group, a regional office, or for the entire organization.
      • Developing templates to improve efficiency and standardizing practice-wide approaches, including, for example, client intake, matter management, budget estimates, client letters, after-action reviews, and closing agendas.
      • Advocating on behalf of LPM using one of the techniques described in the Legal Project Management Advocacy Toolkit.
      • Identifying ways to use LPM to collaborate with clients and deepen relationships.
    • Practical, firsthand experience using LPM techniques, with constructive feedback via emails and/or calls with an LPM expert.
    • Copies of:
      • Legal Project Management Quick Reference Guide (4th Edition)
      • Legal Project Management Coaching Manual (2nd Edition)
      • Legal Project Management Advocacy Toolkit
      • Legal Project Management Coaching Aids
      • 40+ PowerPoint slide deck for small group LPM workshops
      • Other digital LPM materials/handouts
    • An open-book essay exam to certify mastery of core LPM concepts.
    • A basic written plan prepared by the participant (and reviewed by an LPM expert) to further support the implementation of LPM at your organization.
    • Six months of unlimited email support to keep the program on track.
    • A Certified LPM Champion™ Certificate upon successful completion of the program.
  • Completion of our one-to-one LPM Coaching program by two lawyers. This proprietary LPM coaching program consists of the following:
    • Up to eight 30-minute video calls over a period of six months, to enhance each lawyer’s LPM skills on active client matters.
    • Customized LPM coaching services that meet the unique needs of each lawyer:
      • Lawyers begin our coaching program by selecting an active client matter and a significant immediate challenge in their practice that they want to resolve.
      • Lawyers then identify one of the eight key LPM issues that is most likely to help them resolve that challenge.
      • Lawyers select from a variety of possible action items, discuss those action items with their LPM coach, and make a commitment to act.
      • The LPM coach offers support, monitors progress, and adjusts tactics based on results.
      • This process repeats itself for the duration of the program.
    • A written monthly report summarizing the progress of each lawyer, which is shared with firm management, as directed.
    • Three 30-minute video calls with firm management to discuss progress at equally spaced intervals (after 2 months, 4 months, and 6 months).
    • Each lawyer receives a copy of our Legal Project Management Quick Reference Guide (4th Edition) and is directed to various tools, templates, and best practices to help them determine which practices are most likely to result in immediate benefits for their specific situation.
    • Over the course of the program, lawyers become aware of all available LPM tools that may be helpful to them in the future (and when to use those tools) to ensure that LPM progress continues after the program ends.

This LPM training program also includes a free 6-month trial of our digital Online LPM Library for use by all participants.