Toby Brown Accepts Position as CEO of NextGenLPM

Driving the broad adoption of best-in-market LPM tools and techniques is essential to help law firms and law departments thrive in today’s competitive marketplace

June 1, 2023

Toby Brown is now NextGenLPM’s new CEO, with company founder and past CEO, Tim Batdorf, stepping into the role of COO.

“I am thrilled to announce that Toby Brown has agreed to head our team as we develop and deliver the next generation of Legal Project Management (LPM) tools,” said Tim. “If we had conducted an exhaustive search of the entire world to fill this position, we could not have come up with a better candidate. Toby’s insights, experience, contacts, and visibility will be invaluable as we develop new products and services for both law firms and law departments.”

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“When I served as the Chief Practice Manager at Perkins Coie,” said Toby, “I hired NextGenLPM to coach the members of my LPM team to help them provide greater value to the firm’s lawyers by applying their best-in-market LPM coaching and consulting services. The result was a far more effective and satisfied team.”

“My goal in joining NextGenLPM is to help the market better appreciate the value of LPM and drive its broad adoption. I have come to the strong conclusion that lawyers without LPM skills are not as effective as they must be to thrive in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. They may still be great lawyers, but they are not the kind of lawyers who make sure clients know what they are getting, know what the deliverables are, keep the client updated and are able to inform clients in real time of scope changes instead of just sending higher-than-expected bills three months later. For more details on these ideas, see my new article, Measuring Against Nothing.

Our primary goal at NextGenLPM is to help our clients succeed, and we encourage the LPM community to join us in promulgating the cutting edge LPM skills and tools that will achieve that success. Leaders of law departments and law firms are welcome to contact Toby ( or Tim ( to learn more.

About NextGenLPM

NextGenLPM is a coaching and consulting company that helps law departments and law firms increase profitability by accelerating the implementation of LPM. NextGenLPM was founded by Tim Batdorf, formerly CEO of LegalBizDev, the company that literally wrote the books that helped launch the LPM movement. In 2020, NextGenLPM acquired the rights to LegalBizDev’s products, services, and intellectual property.


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